Concert – Danyèl Waro – Blues from the Indian Ocean

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium, AFB
City: Bangalore
Date: Sat, 2011/03/19 – 7:30pm

Saturday 19 March I 7 :30 pm I Auditorium, AFB


Singer and percussionist from the Reunion Island, instrumental in the revival of a traditional musical genre known as Maloya, Danyel Waro is probably the man who has worked the hardest to make this genre known beyond the borders of Reunion Island.


What is Maloya?


Maloya is a compound rhythm on which plantation workers have long been singing their joys and woes. It’s a sort of réunionese blues. This musician, singer, living in the middle of sugarcane fields sings maloya in creole with traditional instruments : kayanm, flat instrument made from cane flower stems and filled with saffron seeds; bob,  a musical bow attached to a calabash for resonance;  roulèr,  made from rum barrels with a cow skin head.


His success is proven by his track record: he is listed on the biggest festivalsand audiences go wild over the rythm, the music, the poetry….


Waro is a Creole poet who moves with the rhythm



«Sans conteste la plus belle voix de la Réunion…»