Comic Hip Hop – Zak & Angelo by the famous French group – De Fakto

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City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/06/08 (All day)

Zak & Angélo:

“Zak and Angelo” reminds us of the big burlesque duo of the “Grande époque.” One is lively, dynamic, and impatient. The other is more of a dreamer – calm, good-looking, and romantic. Both will little by little let themselves get into the personality of the other, resulting in comic and ironic situations. All in all, a compelling farce narrated through rhythmic dancing, stylized movement, and mime.

About the Company:

Since 2002, the group De Fakto, founded thanks to Aurélien Kairo’s initiative, has conceptualized and produced many acts, all of them drawing inspiration from the Hip Hop culture. This bold artistic form has always remained the guiding spirit of the company’s work. Loyalty to form however has not stopped its members from exploring the new and the unknown.

After “D.Connecté” en 2003, an act built around 4 dancers, beat boxers all of them, revolving around human relationships, De Fakto left behind the glare of spotlights in 2005 to rub shoulders with the concrete and the bitumen of the cities. It toured with a dance extravaganza centered on the charismatic, unforgettable entertainers, main protagonists of fairs/carnivals and acrobats.

Inspired by the power of Jacques Brel’s music, his lyrics and his universally famous portraits, the group produced the extremely successful “J’arrive”.  And then, a historic moment in 2008, a year that brought in strong support: a chance meeting with the illustrious Burattini family marked a beginning of a new adventure: first “La belle Affaire” and now “Zak & Angélo”.

The group will perform in Mangalore on Saturday 9th June!