CINE FORUM MELIES: Le voyage dans la lune // Jules et Jim

7.00 pm | 26th of February | Alliance Française auditorium

The Ciné Forum Méliès aims to encourage discussions and dialogues with French & Francophone productions. The selection of films is varied, based on current and past issues. The screenings are followed by a moderated discussion. For the grand début, we will project the classical film of the French director who gives the name of this space, Le voyage dans la lune, in a restaured and colorized version, followed by other iconic movie, Jules et Jim.

Le voyage dans la lune (1978, Georges Méliès, 16 mins) 


“At an astronomy conference, Professor Barbenfouillis announces a proposed trip to the moon. He then describes the site of the spatial shell that will propel towards the moon. Six astronauts discover the lunar environment and witness an “”earthrise””. However, they were soon imprisoned by the Selenites, the Aboriginal people of the moon …
Colorized version of the original film B & W 1902, realised in 1978″

Jules et Jim (1962, François Truffaut, 1h45)


Jules and Jim are 2 kind-hearted bohemian students in Belle-Epoque Paris. They share everything, artistic tastes, views on existence, conquests. One day they meet Catherine, a young woman as free as both of them.