Ciné Club – Toi & Moi

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City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Thu, 2012/02/23 – 7:00pm

Toi & Moi / You & Me (2006) by Julie Lopes-Curval, Romantic Comedy,  90 min

Thursday 23 February I 7.00 pm I Auditorium, AFB

Sub-titles: English

Editor of the photo romance section of “You and Me” magazine, Ariane has a tendency to carry the love lives of herself and her sister, Lena, onto the pages-albeit with some extra flourishes. However, their lives are not exactly romantic: Ariane clings on to Farid, who wants nothing to do with her, while Lena has grown bored with her companion, François.


But what if Ariane let herself go and fell in love with Pablo, the handsome Spaniard who is working in her building? And what if Lena lets her heart beat for Mark, the remarkable violinist she has just met?