Ciné Club – The Names of Love

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City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium, AFB
Date: Thu, 2012/10/18 – 6:30am



Ciné-Club presents The Names of Love

Thursday 18 October I 6.30 pm I Auditorium, AFB

Directed by Michel Leclerc, 100 min

Rated 18 and above


An amazingly rich and delightfully comic, this film deals with emigration, identity, family

secrets, taboos, politics …

Michel Leclerc is Arthur Martin, an Avian Flu expert, whose name immediately brings

to mind a well known French cooker brand. And Bahia Benmahmoud, an extrovert girl

makes a point of sleeping with as many right-wingers as possible to win them over to the

leftist cause. A very profound film which, by trying to unite two such dissimilar people,

successfully spans the history of France, from the 1930’s until today.

The direction is creative and unconventional. Jacques Gamblin is perfect here as the dull

biologist slowly opening himself to real life. In a wild and a passionate role, Sara Forestier

gives her best performance since “L’Esquive”. Also to be noted are Zinedine Soualem as

Bahia’s sweet Algerian – born father, Carole Franck as his energetic militant wife, Jacques

Boudet and Michèle Moretti as Arthur’s parents. And of course Lionel Jospin, who displays

a great sense of humour in his only scene. If you like unusual movies that make you both

smile and reflect, this one is for you.