Book Launch : The Importance of Being Draupadi by Krishnan Rangaraju

City: Bangalore
Location: AFB Auditorium
Date: Sun, 2012/12/09 – 10:45am

Ananya, GML Cultural Academy is pleased to announce the Release and Launch of

“The Importance of Being Draupadi” a play in English by Mr. Krishnan Rangaraju.

The book release is to be held at 10:45am on Sunday, 9th of December 2012, at the Alliance Française de Bangalore.

Dr. B. N. Sumitra Bai, Mr. Jagdish Raja and Mr. Chiranjiv Singh have kindly consented to be our guests for the function, to release and talk about the book.

“The Importance of Being Draupadi” by Mr. Krishnan Rangaraju, is a radical take on the Mahabharatha, particularly the life and character of Draupadi and her interaction with Vasuki and Karna. It combines the conventional narrative afforded by Vyasa’s epic, and a very unique telling of the Bheel tribals. The Book includes a foreword, by Professor N. Manu Chakravarthy, and an analysis by Mr. K. V. Akshara.

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