Book Launch: Shashi Deshpande

City: Bangalore
Location: AFB Auditorium
Date: Thu, 2012/11/22 – 7:00pm

Guru, an end-stage cancer patient, comes to a quiet medical campus and quickly befriends his host’s friends and neighbours, his warmth and sympathetic manner encouraging them to confide in him. Out of these conversations emerges a name—Prabhakar Tambe—which spreads a pall of uneasiness over the doctors and triggers a chain of events that leads to catastrophic results. Rumours start to fly, old tensions and rivalries between colleagues and friends re-surface, and every family on the campus is caught in a web of suspicion. Within weeks, two people die in mysterious circumstances and it seems that life will never be the same again for the doctors and their families. A deeply sensitive portrayal of human relationships, If I Die Today is an incisive and compelling picture of murder and what it does to a community.

Usha KR and Shinie Anthony will be in conversation with the author