An Open House Tribute Evening

Type: Event
Location: Auditorium, AFB
City: Bangalore
Date: Fri, 2011/05/06 – 6:30pm


Alliance Française Auditorium

Admission free. All interested are welcome.

There will be two parts to the evening.

Part 1 of the evening.

Anybody interested in paying a tribute is invited to take part. The participation would be in the nature of a short presentation – of about 3 to 4 minutes, with a maximum of 5 minutes. The presentation can be anything by Tagore or about Tagore – a poem, a song, some prose, an excerpt from a play, a letter … anything.


It will be an evening that belongs to YOU, completely in line with Tagore’s own thinking about his art as belonging to the community.

The event is being organized in association with Bangalore Little Theatre, the oldest cultural partner of Alliance Francaise.

Interested? The pieces to be included in the evening’s programme will be on a first-come-served basis. Get in touch with us with the following basic information as quickly as you can:

>>   Your name

>>   What is the piece? Song, poem, letter, play scene, etc.

>>   Approx. duration

>>   How many persons on stage?

>>   Telephone numbers/s of the contact person

>>   E-mail of the contact person

Last date for receiving offers of participation: 12 noon, Saturday, April 30.

All writing to participate will be informed the final programme.

Send this information to: [email protected]