A Unique Indo-French Theatre Festival – First time ever!

City: Bangalore
Location: Auditorium
Date: Sat, 2012/07/21 (All day) – Thu, 2012/07/26 (All day)

Alliance Française de Bangalore

is pleased to present a unique


in collaboration with our cultural partner

Bangalore Little Theatre




Saturday, July 21:  A Double Bill.

Home Bound and Woman in Red

Two shows: 3.00 pm and 7 pm.

Sunday, July 22:


Two shows: 3.00 pm and 7 pm.

Monday, July 23 and Tuesday, July 24:

A Miner Scam

7 pm. on both days

Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, Jul 26:

Moliere Tonight!

7 pm. on both days

The festival is the outcome of a three-month project in which –

–   a Directors training program         was combined with

–   a festival of Indian adaptations of French plays

The program enrolled participants interested in learning how to direct a play and manage a theatre production. Five plays by French authors are lined up for adaptation into the Indian social context – and to be produced in the festival. The trainees Directors have thus learned production-direction skills around the chosen live productions.



1.  Rajdhani

The play is inspired by French playwright Jean Genet’s Deathwatch. This is the story of runaway kids who have made the railway platform their home. Hariya, Munna and Ikka are three kids, among many more of the kind. The story depicts the struggle over the control of the platforms, with their lives, relationships, challenges and aspirations revolving around the struggle.

Directed by Siddhartha Jose and Murtuza Khetty


2.  A Miner Scam

What is the price of a man’s life? Can the life of a person from a higher economic class be priced higher than that of one from a lower class? Is an engineer more valuable than a labourer? Bernard-Marie Koltes’ play, Black Battles with Dogs, written in 1979, was in response to his experiences in Africa where he saw native cultures being wiped out by European influences in a Paris-owned construction site.  This adaptation takes us to the centre of a dark and brutal scam in the mining belt of Bellary, where money holds more power than the life of a tribal.

Directed by Srividya Srinivas and Abhishek Sundaravadanan 


3.  Woman in Red

Inspired by The Respectful Prostitute by Jean-Paul Sartre, this is the tale of a hit and run case which is likely to be filed against the Minister’s nephew. The minister uses all his influence and power to twist the case and blames the driver instead. But there is a catch – a call girl who is the only witness. The driver, on the run, takes refuge in her apartment. She is coaxed into signing a statement that the driver caused the accident. The minister’s son tries to seduce the call girl into signing the statement.  So does the minister. The driver begs the lady to tell the truth.

Directed by Pragati Siddhanti and Abhishek Jain


4.  Home Bound  

Based on Cross Purpose by Albert Camus, the play is set in a village of Kerala where the youth has migrated to the Middle East for better opportunities. The village populace now comprises the aged living on remittances. A young woman and her widowed mother living in their ancestral home, rent rooms as home stay to travelers, and murder the rich ones for their sustenance. The only son of the family, who left home when very young, now returns wishing to fulfill his duties towards the family. He chooses not to reveal his identity on arrival, stays as a lodger and is killed by his mother and sister. The story revolves around Camus’ philosophy of absurdity in human relationships, which he believes is inevitable despite all efforts to seek meaning of life.

Directed by Akshat Arora and Sonalika Dugar


5.  Moliere Tonight!

Adapted from Moliere Alive! by Vijay Padaki, the play has a theatre company in Bangalore meeting in a Moliere theme party.  The group cannot help seeing parallels between the plots in his plays and the situations in his own life. The group soon finds itself discovering the life of Moliere afresh in the unplanned exploration of his plays. Working backwards from Moliere’s death while performing a new play, the group takes excursions into six of his most loved plays to understand why he was the most admired and most loved dramatist of all time in France. He was not without enemies, of course, hated intensely by those whom he rubbed the wrong way, ridiculing them in his plays. Although denied a decent burial by the church when he died, his work live on!

Directed by Priya Venkatesh, Padmaja Nagarur and Priya Rao