Cultural Events

Concert: Arties

Arties’ musicians are multifaceted artists who share a passion for music and an impressive curiculam vitae. They have all won several international contests (Dublin, Hamamatsu, Munich, Nielsen, Firenze, Long Thibaud, Heerlen…), play on some of the most prestigious stages worldwide (Carnegie Hall in New York, Wigmore Hall in London, Tsuda Hall in Tokyo, Forbidden city hall in Beijing, Theatre des ... Read More »

Film: Comme des voleurs (à l’Est), 2006

Switzerland / France, September 2006 When Lionel learns by chance that his family originates from Poland, a chain of events is set off that will change his and his sister Lucie’s lives forever. Brother and sister make their way to eastern Europe in a “borrowed” car from Radio Suisse, not completely sure if they are descendents from a Polish family. ... Read More »

Film: Vic+Flo ont vu un ours (2013)

Victoria just got out on parole, tasting freedom for the first time in years. Florence has done her time, and reconnects with her lover from prison. They hole up in a sugar shack out in the woods, relearning life on the outside. Guillaume is Vic’s parole officer. As he watches over the women’s reintegration, their different ambitions and personalities pull ... Read More »

Swiss Film: Un Autre Homme (A)

by Lionel Baier, Switzerland, Aug 2008 Although he hasn’t got a clue about film, François writes reviews for a small local weekly in the Vallée de Joux. Rosa is a well-known critic working for a benchmark-setting daily. A kinky relationship develops between the two of them, leading François to discover the inner workings of desire: desire of a woman, of a ... Read More »

Film: Seducing Dr. Lewis (La Grande séduction)

Canada 2003 A much-needed boost, in the form of a new factory, is promised to the residents of the tiny fishing village in Québec, Ste. Marie-La-Mauderne, provided they can lure a doctor to take up full-time residency on the island. Inspired, the villagers devise a scheme to make Dr. Christopher Lewis a local. English subtitles Read More »

Presentations on Cinema from Quebec

Mr. Dial Singh, from the Canadian Trade Office, will begin the evening by an introduction of the subject and the speaker. This will be followed by a presentation on Contemporary Cinema from Quebec by Mr. Alain Olivier, director of the Quebec Government Office, Mumbai. Read More »

La semaine de la francophonie!

Organised every year around the 20th of March, which is the « International Francophonie day » as well as the International week of Francophonie and the French Language, this event is the annual rendez-vous of the lovers of French language in France and across the world. It offers the opportunity to celebrate the french language by celebrating its richness and diversity. http://www.dismoidixmots.culture.fr/?cat=132 ... Read More »