Cultural Events

Selco Foundation’s “YES 20”

“YES 20” – Bangalore Chapter SELCO India celebrates 20 years of providing “sustainable energy for all”. Events include- the premiere of a series of short documentary films “THE LAST MILE, selco stories”  (by Mamta Murthy),  a photo exhibition on the journey of decentralized solar energy in Karanataka and a cultural Yakshagana program. “YES 20” is a part of multiple SELCO ... Read More »

Play: Guilty As (Not) Charged

by Mad Hats Theatre …a modern tale of could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.  A delayed payment on an electricity bill? A belated birthday wish? A lost job opportunity? An expired medical prescription? A missed last bus back home? Don’t you sometimes wish you could’ve turned back time? Or wonder what youwould’ve done if you had a crystal ball to gaze into your future? Does the ... Read More »

Book Launch – Transgressions by Vaiju Naravane

Vaiju Naravane’s latest book “Transgressions” will be launched in Bangalore by Mr. Chiranjiv Singh. Following the launch, Vaiju will be in conversation with Anita Nair, one of Bangalore’s favorite authors. Vaiju Narayan, aside from being the Europe correspondent for The Hindu, is also a lecturer, and broadcaster and is Foreign Fiction Editor with the French publishing house Albin Michel where she ... Read More »

In conversation with Vaiju Naravane

Vaiju Naravane, The Hindu’s Europe correspondent, will meet with the students of Alliance Francaise for an informal discussion on the eve of the launch of her book “Transgressions”. Read More »

Film: Aujourd’hui

France/Senegal (2012) Played with understated intensity by American actor-musician Saul Williams (Slam), Satche is an apparently healthy man who wakes one morning at his mother’s house on the outskirts of Dakar aware that he will die at the end of that day. This is a place where death warns of its arrival 24 hours in advance, inspiring feelings of dread ... Read More »

Film: La mise à l’aveugle (2012)

Canada 2012 Denise is a woman of ripe age whose life has recently changed with the divorce from her husband Michel, the relocation to the neighborhood of her youth, and the retirement from her position as financial director in a large company now directed by her son, Alex. An object of contempt by her husband, her son and at her ... Read More »

Lecture by Esther David

  Lecture by writer Esther David about rites and rituals of a fast diminishing Jewish community, which still retains its identity and survives in western India.  This narrative unfolds at the Magen Abraham Synagogue, Ahmedabad, where festivals, engagements, weddings, ‘Bar-Mitzvahs,’ ‘circumcisions,’ Sabbath prayers and a ‘Malida,’ are held as a thanksgiving by Bene Israel Jews. It also relates to the search of being Jewish in a ... Read More »

Exhibition: I am a seed of the tree…

“I am a seed of the tree…” is an exhibition on the life cycle and rituals of Bene Israel Jews of Ahmedabad. The photographs are by Bindi Sheth and text is written by Esther David, which is part of her forthcoming book titled “I am a seed of the Tree.” Through 40 photographs, about 150 Ahmedabadi Bene Israel Jews of Ahmedabad ... Read More »