Cultural Events

Grandmasters of Comedy

Family Tandoncies is a hilarious standup comedy show where Amit Tandon takes you through his journey of growing up in an Indian Middle Class Household. Why Indian men are brought up like dogs? Are you really Middle Class? Why do we hardly talk to a father? Why Sons love mothers? Advantages and Disadvantages of having Kids…… He answers it all in his story telling, laid back style. And of ... Read More »

Danse Dialogues: Believe

Tarantismo, choreography by Arati Punwani Sunawala “Believe” is a dance theatre production based on various Indian belief systems, the aim of which is to keep the audience enthralled and guessing. Each piece in this production is based on a different belief system, and the audience is left to read between the lines to decipher it all. ‘Believe’ is a heady ... Read More »

World Dance Day celebrations – Ashish Mohan Khokar’s AttenDANCE

As per UN Convention, International Dance Day is celebrated on 29th April every year.                                 Alliance Francaise with dance mentor Ashish Mohan Khokar present this event with over 100 dancers, from the 8-80 years old! Gurus, teachers, stars, students, divas and delights of Indian dance world come together every ... Read More »

AF Cinema – La Bataille de Solferino (Age of Panic)

2012, 1’34, France, Justine Triet Taking place on May 6 of last year, the day when Socialist candidate Hollande ousted right-wing incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy from the Elysees Palace, the story begins with young mother, Laetitia (Laetitia Dosch), handing her kids off to a milquetoast babysitter (the hilariously understated Marc-Antoine Vaugeois) as she heads out to cover the election for national news channel i-Tele. ... Read More »

Photo Exhibition – Professions of the World

Every year since 2010, the Alliance Française Foundation organizes a grand international photography contest for the 835 Alliances Françaises of the world in collaboration with the magazine ‘Courrier International’. This contest is in tune with the profound vocation of the Alliance Française, to understand better French language and culture and to promote cultural diversity all over the world. It aims ... Read More »

DanSe DialogueS: Our Solitudes

by Julie Nioche at Chowdiah Memorial Hall Nos Solitudes is like a continuous free fall in which a woman’s body is suspended in space, with different cables and pulleys attaching it to widely-spaced different weights and counterweights, weaving through the space and triggering some of the dance movements. The suspended body has an entirely different relationship to the space and ... Read More »

DanSe DialogueS: This Immense Intimacy – vertical dance

at Phoenix Marketcity Site specific solo for urban space with screened images transformed live. The images screened on the wall constitute the space of evolution of the dancer. A dance of expansion gets organised, it will be conjugated during the show with variable amplitudes, from the most interiorised to the biggest ones. The technique will allow us to create vertiginous ... Read More »

Play: What’s Up With Bangalore women?

by Underdog Entertainment ‘What’s Up With Bangalore women?’ is a satirical play that will be based on the search of a guy to find his true love in this hybridizes and confused social setting.  The play is a funny take on female stereotypes that exist in the city of Bangalore and the ever-changing dynamics of relationships illustrated through caricature performances. ... Read More »

Kawai Junior Piano Competition

THEME and KAWAI pianos in collaboration with THE MAJOLLY MUSIC TRUST proudly present The 1st KAWAI JUNIOR PIANO COMPETITION 2014  on April 18th 2014 at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.The mission of the Kawai Junior Piano Competition is to encourage and to promote musical culture among children and youth by holding an annual piano competition which showcases the talents of gifted participants from ... Read More »