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Meet Authors Joelle Jolivet and Karthika Nair

Meet Authors Joelle Jolivet and Karthika Nair The Honey Hunter Text by KARTHIKA NAIR, Illustrations by JOËLLE JOLIVET A unique collaboration between one of India’s finest poets and one of France’s most beloved illustrators: an unforgettable journey to the heart of the Sundarbans.  Adapted from a section of Akram Khan’s award-winning dance-drama DESH, the story — part fable, part adventure ... Read More »

Documentary: Scattered Windows, Connected Doors

Eight women. Eight stories. An inspiring documentary capturing the thoughts and choices of these women living in urban India. A series of conversations on love, loss, fear, loneliness, marriage, freedom and what it means to be a woman. Whether it is a corporate honcho, a spiritual Sufi singer, a travelling graphic artist, a photographer, a bestselling author cum blogger, a ... Read More »

Play: Fire vs Bus no 0963

October 30, 2013 a bus from Bangalore to Hyderabad caught fire and 45 passengers were killed in the burning inferno. Fire tells the story of a survivor of Chirag and how this incident changes his life forever. Chirag struggles with his inner demons to try to overcome this disaster. While he questions why he was the one to survive, he ... Read More »