Cultural Events

AF CINEMA– Versailles

25 Sept, 6.30 pm AF CINEMA– Versailles Pierre Schoeller, 2008, France, 102 mins A young mother Nina and her son Enzo find themselves sleeping on the streets on the street of Paris. Their tentative lifestyle eventually leads them to Versailles. Out in the woods near the palace, they encounter a man named Damien who lives cut off from the rest ... Read More »

CONCERT: Dhrupad Sankula

24 Sept, 6.30 pm CONCERT: by Dhrupad Sankula The Dhrupad Sankula is a school of Dhrupad in Bengaluru, affiliated to the Dhrupad Sansthan, Bhopal, created by Padmashri Gundecha Brothers. The Dhrupad Sankula will complete two years on Oct 2nd. In celebration of its second anniversary, all the students of the Dhrupad Sankula will present a concert on September 24, at ... Read More »

CONCERT: Remembering M.S Subbulakshmi

22 Sept, 6.30 pm CONCERT: Remembering M.S Subbulakshmi Commemorative concert of  Bharataratna M.S Subbulakshmi’s music organised by IGNCA, during the week of her birthday on September 16th – The concert will feature the immortal songs of M.S Subbulakshmi presented by Carnatic vocalist Dr. Deepti Navaratna. From the shimmer of Bhavayami Gopalabalam to the classic Karthikeya Gangeya in Todi – the production will feature the very best ... Read More »

THEATRE: Ek Ant ki Shuruaat

21 Sept, 5.30 pm & 7.30 pm THEATRE: Amhi presents Ek Ant ki Shuruaat Ever wondered if there were only two political parties, male party and a female party? What kind of chaos will it bring? What kind of vote banks will they have? “Rashtra” a one act play brings this drama on stage where the voter is a eunuch ... Read More »

CONFERENCE: Patrice Vanoni – The work of an International Reporter and Correspondent

CONFERENCE: “The work of an International Reporter and Correspondent” by Patrice Vanoni Patrice Vanoni started as a freelance journalist for magazines, radios and for the daily French newspaper Le Monde. Then he started his career as an international reporter and corespondent for French TV. During 30 years, Patrice Vanoni has been doing coverage all over the world. The conference will ... Read More »

CONCERT: Majolly Music Trust

20 Sept, 7.00 pm Majolly Music Trust September is always a time that music lovers look forward to, as the Majolly Music Trust presents its music festivals till date. This time, the focus is on home-grown talent. Besides other events that are taking place this month (which includes Mozart’s Requiem), September 20th will see the Trust’s faculty perform in their ... Read More »

CONCERT: Anne Paceo Yôkaï

19 Sept, 7.00 pm JAZZ CONCERT: Anne Paceo Yôkaï «A solar music, coloured and modern; Brilliant musicians; Complicity and pleasure» ANNE PACEO only 28 years old and an exceptional curse: drummer with Rhoda Scott, Henri Texier, China Moses or Mélissa Laveaux, she already launched two CD’s as a leader and played more than 130 concerts in 15 countries with her ... Read More »

AF CINEMA – La Vie Domestique (Domestic Life)

10 Sept, 6.30 pm AF CINEMA – La Vie Domestique (Domestic Life) Isabelle Czajka, 2013, France, 93 mins Juliette was simply not sure about coming to live in this residential suburb of the greater Paris metropolitan area. All the women here are in their forties, have children to raise, houses to keep and husbands who return home late at night. ... Read More »

BOOK LAUNCH: Off the Record

8 Sept, 6.30 pm BOOK LAUNCH: Off the Record – Untold Stories from a reporter’s diary Written by Ajith Pillai, Published by Hachette In a journalist’s career, the best stories can seldom be published. Veteran journalist Ajith Pillai’s colourful career spanning nearly three decades has taken him from the murky underworld of Bombay to the icy heights of Kargil, yet, ... Read More »

THEATRE: Plain Janes

7 Sept, 7.30 pm THEATRE: Quiver Productions presents Plain Janes A sketchy journey to the dramatical spaces of India. Join the two PLAIN JANES and settle for nothing less than rib tickling comedy. Bring your annoying neighbour aunty and the boy who you must jump on! No gifts allowed. Only blessings. With Richa Kapoor and Sumukhi Suresh Contact: 09870715191 / ... Read More »