Cultural Events

CONCERT: Juliette Katz

CONCERT: Juliette Katz 8:30pm | 31st of January | The Humming Tree “I was born with music, grew up with music and I have never wanted anything else.” Juliette Katz has known that she wanted to be a singer since she was 4. She is a woman of this age, romantic yet blunt, sentimental yet deep. With her slightly hoarse voice, like a ... Read More »

DANCE: Bharatanatyam Arangetram

DANCE: Bharatanatyam Arangetram 6.15 pm | 31st of January | Alliance Française auditorium Mr. Charles Ma, The Director of Natyaprabha school of Bharatanatyam, presents Arangetram of Kumari Deepa S M. Deepa will be performing an entire range of dances in Bharatnatyam, set to a Margam. The first half will start with a Pushpanjali and prayer to Lord Ganesha and gradually progress to a challenging Bhakti-Shringara ... Read More »

STAGE42: One Man Breaking Bad

STAGE42: One Man Breaking Bad 8.30 pm | 29th of January | Alliance Française auditorium The Alliance française de Bangalore is thrilled to support the 2016 edition of Stage42 festival, organised by OML. Sixty Awesome Episodes = One Awesome Show. With over a million hits on YouTube, and sell-out runs at comedy festivals in Melbourne and Edinburgh, LA actor Miles Allen’s incredible ... Read More »

CINE FORUM MELIES: Kirikou & the Sorceress / Kirikou et la socière

CINE FORUM MELIES: Kirikou & the Sorceress / Kirikou et la socière 7.00 pm | 28th of January | Alliance Française auditorium Free and open to all // Subtitled in English Michel Ocelot, France – 1998 – 1h18min – Animation, Fiction In a little village somewhere in West Africa, a boy named Kirikou is born in a spectacular way. But he’s ... Read More »

TOTO Awards 2016

TOTO Awards 2016 6:30 pm | 23rd of January | Alliance Française Auditorium TOTO Awards will be presented to young Indian photographers, musicians, writers and filmmakers whose work demonstrates flair, potential and talent. The work of the artists shortlisted under all award categories will be presented. Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian, illustrious veena player, music teacher and founder-director of Brhaddhvani, will be the ... Read More »

YOUNG TALENT PROGRAM: Carnets de Voyage by Simon Lamouret

YOUNG TALENT PROGRAM: Carnets de Voyage by Simon Lamouret All day | 21st of January – 10th of February | Alliance Française Atrium In the sixth exhibition of the 2015 series, Alliance Francaise will exhibit artworks of Simon Lamouret. Simon is a young french graphic novelist currently living and teaching in Bangalore, and the first French candidate of the program. He ... Read More »

NEO CIRCUS: Behind the door

NEO CIRCUS: Behind the door 7:00pm | 20th of January | Alliance Française auditorium A silent acting and vibrant performance, which mixes humour, poetry, magic and juggling ! FREE AND OPEN TO ALL It should have been an ordinary day for the waiter of the « Petit Café », if he didn’t fall in love with the woman who just passed by the door. ... Read More »

DANCE: A Time Upon Once

DANCE: A Time Upon Once 5.30 pm | 17th of January | Alliance Française auditorium Choreographer: Olivier Besson Dancers: Raam Kumar, Diya Naidu, Rukmini Vijayakumar, Ajeesh Balakrishnan. The piece that will be presented will be a culmination of the collaborative work that Olivier is doing over the course of one month in India. His principles of Improvisation for performance will be ... Read More »


PERFORMANCE: Koogu 7.00 pm | 14th of January | Alliance Française auditorium A brief background Koogu, a solo performance in English, is the result of a collaborative engagement between a Bangalore based performer – Anish Victor and a dancer and choreographer from France, Michel Casanovas. The piece emerged out of the many creative encounters between the two, which spanned six years. Michel Casanovas is ... Read More »

AF COOKOUT: Cooking Demo by Café Noir

AF COOKOUT: Cooking Demo by Café Noir 1.00 – 3.30 pm | 13th of January | Alliance Française cafétaria Pastry Cooking Class with Cyril NICOLAI Cyril Nicolai, Executive Bakery & Pastry Chef at Cafe Noir Restaurants, Bangalore will be conducting the first cooking workshop at the Alliance française. How to make Pastry Choux and different fillings (Mousseline and creme patissiere)? How to realise ... Read More »