Cultural Events


FRANCOPHONE CONCERT: Erika Lernot 7.00 pm | 18th of March | Alliance Française auditorium World-Soul // Free and open to all After having performed as a chorist for other artists for a few years and been all over the world with them, Erika decided to start her own musical project a few years back. Her sound offers a mix of groovy Caribbean ... Read More »

FRANCOPHONE CINEMA: Exit – The right to die

FRANCOPHONE CINEMA: Exit – The right to die (Le droit de mourir) 7.00 pm | 17th of March | Alliance Française auditorium With the support of Switzerland Government Office and Swissnex | Consulate General of Swizterland Fernand Melgar, Switzerland, 2005, 75′ No one knows the day or the hour. When illness strikes, accompanied by pain and physical decline, there we are, faced ... Read More »


FRANCOPHONE CINEMA: Henri Henri (Québec) 7.00 pm | 16th of March | Alliance Française auditorium With the support of Québec Government Office  | Consulate General of Québec Martin Talbot, Québec, 2014, 99′ Henri Henri is a Canadian film from Quebec, released in 2014. A quirky comedy described by the Montreal Gazette as an attempt to create “Quebec’s own Amélie”, the film is ... Read More »

AF COOKOUT: Cooking Demo by Café Noir

AF COOKOUT: Cooking Demo by Café Noir 1.00 – 3.30 pm | 16th of March | Alliance Française cafétaria Pastry Cooking Class with Cyril NICOLAI Learn to cook perfect French Macarons shells and then make four delicious fillings, with Cyril Nicolai, Executive Bakery & Pastry Chef at Cafe Noir Restaurants, Bangalore. Organised in collaboration with Café Noir Restaurants, this will be a monthly ... Read More »


FRANCOPHONIE FESTIVAL: La Plume d’Or 2016 10.00 am – 12.00 noon | 16th of March | Alliance Française The Alliance Française de Bangalore, together with the Fondation Alliance Française and with the support of the French senate, is organizing “La Plume d’Or”, an International Writing Contest that will take place as part of the Week for French language and Francophonie 2015. ... Read More »


FRANCOPHONE CINEMA: The Shelter (L’Abri) 7.00 pm | 15th of March | Alliance Française auditorium With the support of Switzerland Government Office and Swissnex | Consulate General of Swizterland Fernand Melgar, Switzerland, 2014, 101′ A winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter for homeless people in Lausanne. At the entrance to this hidden bunker there unfolds every night the same dramatic ... Read More »


FRANCOPHONE FILM FESTIVAL 7.00 pm | 14th – 24th of March | Alliance française Auditorium Like every year, the Alliance française organizes a film festival during the Francophonie Festival thanks to the support of all the consulates involved in the project. This year, we collaborate with the Québec Government Office in Mumbai, Consulate General of Canada in Bangalore , the Consulate General of Switzerland ... Read More »


FRANCOPHONIE CINEMA: La Rencontre & Ilot 7.00 pm | 14th of March | Alliance française Auditorium With the support of Canada Government Office | Consulate General of Canada From the collection Unikkausivut : Sharing our Stories, 2011 La rencontre (The Meeting) : Lucie Lachapelle, 1994, 56 min 46 s  La rencontre is a documentary about couple relationship between Whites and Natives. All along a great ... Read More »


FRANCOPHONIE FESTIVAL 2016 All day | 14th – 24th of March | Alliance Française Organised every year around the 20th of March, which is the « International Francophonie day », this event is the annual rendez-vous of the lovers of French language across the world. “Tell me ten words … in the French language”: the wealth of French regionalisms This ... Read More »

THEATRE: The Star Spangled girl

THEATRE: The Star Spangled girl by Neil Simon 5.00 pm & 7.30 pm | 12th of March | Alliance Française auditorium The Star Spangled girl is a romantic triangle between two best friends and the girl next door. Andy and Norman are trying their best to bring about a radical change in the country. Everything goes great until Norman has a love ... Read More »