Cultural Events

AF CINEMA: Entre les bras: La cuisine en héritage / Step up to the plate

7.00 pm | 9th of September | Alliance Française auditorium 2012, Paul Lacoste, 1h30 In 2009, Michel Bras, the head of a 3 star restaurant (guide Michelin), in the heart of Aubrac, decides to hand over the reign to his son Sébastien. A father and his son. Both of them at a crucial moment of their careers. Is it possible to ... Read More »

PLAY READING: The Vultures in the Light of Rasa Theory

5:00 pm | 6thof September | Alliance Française classroom 7 Vijay Tendulkar is among the few modern Indian dramatists who wrote successful plays onmajor social problems in India. The main theme which recurs time and again in his plays is thetheme of violence, anger, and disgust. In the very early period of his dramatic career he earnedfor himself the name ... Read More »

DOCUMENTARY: The Invisible (R)evolutions

7 pm | 18th of September | Alliance française auditorium Documentary: 85 min An original idea by Noël Mamère produced by Cineteve for ARTE TV We’ve entered into the era of global acceleration. Speed and immediacy have become society’s norm, at work first of all, but also in daily life. Intoxicated by technological acceleration, or by the fear of exclusion, ... Read More »

BOOK LAUNCH: Music and musicians of Bangalore & Mysore

6.30 pm | 21st of September | Alliance française auditorium Music & Musicians of Bangalore and Mysore – A Rhapsody is a book written by Anand Sirur. The book will be released by Urmila Devi. The chief guest for the evening will be Rohini Nilekani. About the Author Anand Sirur is a Bangalorean and a lover of the arts. He started his career in an international ... Read More »

SPECIAL SCREENING: Un nuage sur le toit du Monde

7 pm | 22nd of September| Alliance francaise auditorium Documentary: 50 min Produced by Agnes Moreau “In the Himalayas the air is as polluted as in European cities”: it is with this choking title that the public has been informed in october 2008 of the latest results of the atmospheric measurements made at the foot of the Everest, more than 5000 ... Read More »

SPECIAL SCREENING: Mia and the Migou

7pm | 23rd of September | Alliance française auditorium Animated film by Jacques-Remy Girerd 1 hour 31 minutes At a remote construction site in Latin America, an American developer named Jekhide attempts to build a resort, however the site is attacked by a mysterious force, causing several workers to get trapped underground. One of the worker’s daughters Mia has a premonition. ... Read More »

LECTURE: André Malraux & India by Peter Tame

10.00 am | 24th of September | Jnana Jyothi Auditorium In collaboration with the Bangalore University At an early age, André Malraux became interested in the East. He traveled there in 1920 and visited India for the first time between 1929 and 1931. He returned several times during his life. Occidental, he was influenced by Oriental thought. In 1926 he published The Temptation of the West, lyrical ... Read More »

CINE FORUM MELIES: The French Kissers / Les beaux gosses

7.00 pm | 24th of September | Alliance Française auditorium 2009, Riad Sattouf, 1h30 Hervé, 14 years old, is an average adolescent overwhelmed by his impulses, physically unappealing and only half-smart, he lives alone with his mother. At school, he is getting by, surrounded by his good friends. To date a girl, this is what mobilises all his thoughts. Alas, in ... Read More »

CONCERT: Chill Bump

9.00 pm | 26th of Sept |The Humming Tree In collaboration with The Humming Tree Chill Bump is a young french duo that was founded in 2010 by Miscellaneous (MC) and Bankal (Beatmaker). Those highschool friends first had successful solo careers before they start creating tracks together. As we track the group’s journey from EP to EP we hear and ... Read More »

THEATRE: Theatre Appreciation Program

10.00 am to 5.00 pm | 26th of September | Alliance Française studio The program is specially designed for Alliance Française by Bangalore Little Theatre, our cultural partner in the area of Theatre. BLT is the oldest and most widely respected theatre society in Bangalore. The Academy of Theatre Arts within BLT is devoted to a wide range of theatre ... Read More »