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Dance DISCourse

6:00 pm | 23rd of January | Alliance Française Auditorium Vive la République! On the eve of Indian Republic Day, reputed dancers of Bangalore get together to celebrate through dance. Main forms learnt and practiced today in the city – Bharatatnatyam, Kathak, Orissi, Kuchipudi – will be platformed by curator of the Dance Discourse Series – now in its 6th ... Read More »

CONCERT: Violin Piano Duo – Malaysia

7.00 pm | 28th of January | Alliance Française auditorium Bangalore School of Music in Partnership with Alliance Française de Bangalore present Reputed  Violin Piano Duo–Malaysia : Pianist Thevi Thanigasalam& Violinist Winnie Cheah Winnie Cheah : is one of the best known classical musicians and educators in the country. From a very young age and under her father’s guidance, Winnie learned ... Read More »

AF CINEMA: 9 Mois Ferme

7:00pm | 29th of January | Alliance Française auditorium 9 Month Stretch (French: 9 mois ferme) is a 2013 French comedy film written, directed by and starring Albert Dupontel. It was nominated for six categories at the 39th César Awards including Best Film and Best Director and Best Actor for Dupontel, winning Best Actress for its co-star Sandrine Kiberlain and ... Read More »

THEATRE: Pacotille by Cie Créa

7:15pm | 29th of January | Ranga Shankara A children’s play In collaboration with Ranga Shankara. Tickets available at the venue. “A bundle on his shoulder, a suitcase in his hand, this is how the vagabond presents himself in all his simplicity. He is living his everyday life, as usual. But one morning this simple life changes when he stumbles ... Read More »

New batches 2015

The Alliance française de Bangalore is your best starting point for learning French!  The Alliance française de Bangalore offers a wide range of French courses open to people of all ages for beginners’ level (A1) to advanced levels (C1/C2) , from Monday to Sunday through the year. Whatever your motivations and your availability are, you will find a course that ... Read More »

EXHIBIT: Surfaces et Profondeurs

All day | 1st to 21st of December | Alliance Française atrium Alliance Française de Bangalore is pleased to host the exposition “Surfaces et Profondeurs” (Surfaces and Depths), an Indo-French project by Anupama Raju and Pascal Bernard. It is interesting to note that these two artists who come from different countries wanted to walk on the surface of things and ... Read More »

AF CINEMA: Bardot, la méprise

6:30pm | 27th of November | Alliance Française auditorium FRANCE / DAVID TEBOUL / 2013 / COLOR, B & W, / 90 MIN / FRENCH In 2011, Brigitte Bardot consented to the making of a biographical documentary. She did not participate in the film, but gave the director access to places in her life, her homes, La Madrague and La ... Read More »


Ouf = Fou (French) = Crazy (English) = Huchcha (Kannada) = Pagal (Hindi)  OOF is a «DJ-director », he’s been directing about 60 music videos of found footage movies (mashup) where he syncs music, image & sounds. French pioneer of the DVJ shows, he has been giving about 400 audiovisual concerts abroad in museums, film & music festivals ever since 2003. This outstanding artist is ... Read More »

3 X Rien – A poetic circus show

7:00pm | 7th of November | Alliance Française auditorium “3”, being more than two and yet, less than four is a very satisfactory number. Times, just as in “Once upon a time”, from all the books with or without pictures… And “nothing”, a bit of nothing much but far far more than far too much… 3 X RIEN In this ... Read More »